Living as a community

The international group has settled into the tiring routine of the day. The day starts with a shared Eucharist in one of the many rooms and chapels where Jesuits and others gather to express and share our common source of strength. After a hurried common breakfast in the old school hall with other SAPI delegates, we move to the WSF venue. We gather in the evening for a common dinner with all the other delegates, and end the day with a common sharing and reflection. The evening gathering has been a precious moment in which we get acquainted with events that no single eye can take in. Here is a small sample of the many valuable things that were shared. A Belgian trade unionist told me that he was struck by the omnipresence of marches and open theatre displays. He said ? It is a language that speaks to all; should we complain or applaud this appropriation by the voiceless?? A few were moved by the plight of Bhutanese, and of Tamil refugees who spoke touchingly at a workshop organised by JRS-South Asia. One of those present remarked: ?One realises the need to shut down war from this world?. Another noted ?the emphasis on identity and horizontal forms of organisation?. A member of the WCLC delegation was struck by the ?artistic banquet open to all, given freely with great grace and joy?. Another writes in his report: ?I can take back to Australia the commitment to build solidarity that breathes this much needed life into our world; we have been shown remarkable leadership by the Indian Jesuits and I give much thanks for it?. Tiredness is setting in, but tomorrow, the final day, promises to be one of consolidation. At 8.30 in the morning, all group coordinators will meet; at 9.15 Jesuits working with indigenous people all over the world have planned a meeting; at 10.00 there will be the final closing ceremony of SAPI, and at 4.00 in the evening the closing ceremony of the WSF. [HL10427]