Italy. Politics revisited

Two different political formation initiatives currently on the agenda of the Italian Province seem to share at least two common underlying desires: of bridging the gap between politics and local or regional development, and secondly, of reasserting the primacy of ethics and of the human person over the power of politics. The first initiative expresses itself through the ?School of Politics and of Local Development – Praxis? already underway in Rome. This has been organised by the Association ?Amici per la città? (friends of the city) in collaboration with two Jesuit institutions, the Centro Astalli, involved in social action, and the Gregoriana University devoted to research. The course, open to all, but addressed to young adults in particular, plans to have five lessons of political theory combined with case studies of local development actions, as well as conferences. The course?s main objective is to encourage civic participation in the shaping of local policies. The second initiative is a full-blown and innovative Master?s degree in ?Public Policies and Local Development. Governance and processes of integration?, organised by the Institute for Political Formation ?Pedro Arrupe? of Palermo. The Master?s programme, starting in September 2004, integrates higher education in social science research with practical skills in local policy analysis and design, without losing sight of the ethical challenges that such an integration may generate. An interesting feature of the course is that it has been developed in partnership with the Jesuit University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), with the University of Palermo as well as with other governmental and non-governmental organisations. [HL40204] Francesco Deluccia SJ, Italian Province Social Apostolate Coordinator, For more information on Praxis, go to: (in Italian) For more information the Master?s programme: