Giving voice and uncovering the suffering

One of the main characteristics of our consumerist society– some will even add of our globalised society– is that it gives voice only to those who have the money and resources to benefit from the market, and simultaneously hides the social and political reality of suffering and marginalisation. 

As Anne Furst, a French member of the delegation points out, the thousands of dalits and adivasis at this WSF acquire in this gathering a concrete face, a face of celebration, and dignity; they become visible in the public space, visible to all, recognised by all. Their suffering and demands are brought to the forefront. In ways radically different from the processes of globalisation, the WSF and the people who make it possible give voice to those who, according to the logic of the market, do not count, and uncover the political and social suffering that unnerves and unsettles our economic elites.