General Curia. Globalisation and Jesuit response

How can we combine the quest for the universal good with the marginalising forces of a globalisation process engulfing the whole world, and how does the phenomenon of globalisation relate to the Jesuit ?way of proceeding?? These and other questions were at the centre of the study session (Tempo Forte) undertaken in the month of January by the community of the General Curia in Rome for two days of analysis, prayer and reflection. The participants were first introduced to the concept of globalisation, its socio-economic aspects as well as its cultural dimensions. The end was to raise awareness of the threats and challenges, and the positive and negative implications of this complex phenomenon. Fr. Paolo Foglizzo S.J. dealt with the economic and social aspects of globalisation, while Fr. Michael P. Gallagher S.J. reflected on cultural globalisation as a post-modern phenomenon. Fr. Fernando Franco S.J. examined the positive and negative aspects of this process in the context of the Jesuit way of proceeding as described in the eight characteristics listed in Decree 26 of GC 34. [HL40206] For more information: