WSF 2004: how does it work?

According to the information listed in the website page dedicated to the India WSF Programme, the following topics have been adopted as areas of principal focus: Imperialist globalisation, Patriarchy, Militarism and peace, Communalism (religious sectarianism and fundamentalism), and Casteism & racism (oppression, exclusion and discrimination based on descent and work). Following on the previous World Social Forums, WSF 2004 will include diverse forms of interaction including plenary sessions, conferences, seminars, round table discussions, workshops, cultural events, and mass meetings, rallies and marches. The format of WSF 2004 aims at providing as large a space as possible for ?self-organised activities?: WSF-organised events are only a part of the overall scheduled activities. All other events, including 200 seminars and workshops every day and three panel discussions daily will be self-organised, with the WSF organisers providing space and facilities. [HL40104] For more detailed information, visit: