Swirling around a utopia

It seems utterly impossible to describe the mood at the opening ceremony of the WSF. Fr. Jim Storms S.J. wrote this short but inspiring note : The image that stays with me is one of motion, of swirling. It struck me particularly as we gathered for the opening ceremony. Lines of people displaying proudly their group?s caps or shirts, flowing around one another, circling, doubling back, moving with energy that they seemed to draw from one another, swirling around a centre which is the utopia that Chico Whittaker spoke of. Swirling to the beat of drums and music, zulu, rock and tribal; in colours bright; speaking more languages than we could count. That image of swirling captures the hopes of this gathering, their energies: diverse, inclusive, perhaps even contradictory. Energies that might become together more than their sum as they swirled me around today.