From our ?correspondent? in Mumbai: being present is what matters.

Daniele Frigeri S.J., the scholastic in charge of coordinating and supporting the international delegation on behalf of SJS has already reached Mumbai where he is making sure that all organisational and logistical aspects are taken care of before the arrival of the international delegation. He writes to us: 11th Jan. The official opening of World Social Forum, the first of its kind outside Brazil, is fast approaching. The press has not been covering this event, at least not yet. ?They will, once the Forum gets started?, they tell me. But people are talking about it, especially those who see the WSF as an occasion to make their voices heard, to tell the thousands of participants coming from all over the world that they exist and who they are. ?Being present, being there is what matters?, even if one had neither the time nor the money to organise one of the official events. This is the password that travels from village to village, among the Adivasis, indigenous people of Gujarat, and in the slums of Surat, a big industrial town in Western India. So, as the first Jesuit delegates and members of the international delegation start to arrive in Mumbai, so too people from their villages are pouring in, some in groups of 100 or more, even if it is for just one day. It?s an event not to be missed, and their greatest expectation is to be present, no more, proud of what they are here to represent. In forthcoming issues of Headlines we will attempt to give a voice and face to these people who are the true protagonists of this event. There will be no daily report, but we will try to make it as continuous as possible. At the end of the month we will bring out an issue containing the accounts and personal experiences of those international delegates who, once the Forum is over, will visit some Jesuit Social Centres in India.