Africa – Hekima College: peace all over the land

Hekima Peace Forum, a project undertaken by a group of scholastics in theology at Hekima College (Nairobi), seeks to work for peace in all ways possible, whether through seminars, study, or raising funds. The scholastics have organised three international meetings on peace, in which the UN representative in Kenya participated, and themselves offered evening courses at the college on the subject of peace with the help of visiting faculty. They raised funds on an emergency basis during the famine in Kenya for direct distribution to those affected, an activity that was publicly acknowledged. Plans for the future include establishing in Hekima?s Evening College an ?Institute of Peace and International Studies? that will offer a regular programme of study. The fact of a turnover of scholastics every three years notwithstanding, the new director of the project is full of hope that it will be a meaningful opportunity for Jesuits in Africa. [HL31106]