Toronto: Globalisation and Catholic Social Teaching

Has Catholic social teaching taken account of changes sweeping through this globalised world? How relevant are the stands we take in these new contexts and have our horizons widened? To reflect on these questions and plan the publication of a collection of papers and case studies that might throw light on these matters, 26 people (of whom 15 were Jesuits and five were women) met at a three day international seminar organised by the Jesuit Faculty of Theology in the University of Toronto and the Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice in Guelph , Canada . Nine draft papers were presented and discussed under the able and warm guidance of Fr Bill Ryan and John Coleman. The subjects of these included conceptualising globalisation; the need to adopt ?generative metaphors? rising from the social, political and economic life of Christian communities; the crucial importance of new ecological and technological insights; the imperative of religions to promote peace and justice; the centrality of the common good; new forms of civil society; the increasing imbalance of the economic and political order, and controversial issues of conflict and security. The cases studies dealt with the issues raised by globalisation from various geographical (Central America and the Caribbean, India, African and Latin America) and religious perspectives (Islam). [HL30905] Bill Ryan S.J. ; Fr. John Coleman