Dobogokoe, Eurojess : Dreams of a United Europe

When European Jesuits in Social Science (the Eurojess) met at the end of August in Dobogokoe, Budapest, they found that 44 Jesuits from 22 provinces had come to the meeting, all concerned with one issue: the elements that unite and divide Europe, especially in the light of the prospective entry of some eastern European countries to the EU in the near future. Reflections centred on the unity and divisions of a continent, on identity, ethnicity, and minority, perceptions from East and West, and visions of a united Europe. A visit to a gipsy group in a village on the outskirts of Budapest brought alive the issue of ethnic minorities. A major point of interest was the role of religion in the new humanism needed for Europe. Fr. Gerard Hughes S.J. argued that if multi-religious societies are here to stay in Europe, then the shared values should be humanist values. Fr. Alain Thomasset maintained that if religion (and Christianity) was to be relevant in a pluralistic society, we need to cultivate a capacity to maintain internal pluralism, take public positions and be committed to ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue. At the concluding session of the meeting, the Congress elected Fr. Anthony Carroll as the new president of Eurojess. [HL30904] Anthony Carroll For further contacts: Fr. Josep Messa