Spain: Searching for a better future

Across the Mediterranean Sea towards European shores the boats come daily, laden with migrants in search of a better future. Frustrated by strict immigration laws, they take this dangerous path, which seems to be the only solution to a desperate state of landlessness, poverty and humiliation. Migration is a pressing question that calls the Society of Jesus to come up with urgent and humane answers. In Spain, several Jesuit institutions, such as the Centre for Studies of Social Integration and Formation of Immigrants (CeiM) in Valencia and Migra-Studium in Barcelona, are engaged in studying the phenomenon so as to help create an equitable multicultural society. Contributing to the public debate on the issue is the Institute of Migration Studies (IEM, Instituto de Estudios sobre Migraciones). Founded in 1994 by Comillas University, Madrid, the Institute responds to the problem of migration in the one way a university can — through research, teaching and publishing, and when necessary, offering advice. Since 1996, IEM has been publishing ?Migraciones,? the first Spanish journal on this subject. The Institute offers a Master?s degree in Migration and Humanitarian Aid, and a doctoral programme in International Migration. A prize instituted in the memory of St. José María Rubio SJ, and sponsored by the Society of Jesus, is being awarded for the study that best advances the knowledge of migration issues. [HL30602]