USA: Protecting unborn children

On the occasion in March of the 30th anniversary of the US Supreme Court decision that made abortion on demand legal throughout the United States, the ten Jesuit Provincials in the USA released a document stating their opposition to abortion and reaffirming the sanctity of all human life. ?Standing for the Unborn? surveys the Catholic faith?s tradition regarding the right to life and the distinctive Jesuit approach to issues concerning human life. ?To be pro-life is to be pro-women,? affirms the US Jesuit Conference. ?Jesuits ought to find their place among those who demonstrate the obvious confluence of women?s rights and respect of life in all its forms.? The document reflects on the task of public dialogue about abortion in a pluralistic society like the United States. In this context, the Provincials invite all ?to educate and persuade those who disagree with our convictions,? and to commit themselves ?to narrowing the gap between the current civil law of our nation and the demands of the moral law as we understand it.? The long-term goal remains full legal recognition of and protection for the unborn child from the very moment of conception. [HL30405]