The voices of those struggling for dignity

We tried today to ask those struggling for dignity their opinion about the WSF. We collected some testimonies. Here are some: Kranti, 31 years old, is a Dalit who sweeps the streets of a village in Madhya Pradesh. ?Here I feel solidarity, dignity, and I see that there are many like me engaged in the struggle. I believe that the future will not be the same for my children?. Prabhu, 29 years of age, is a small farmer from Karnataka: ?I have come to complain because the government is unjust with us. We do not have any kind of social facilities, and only the rich improve their lives. I have seen here that other small farmers face the same difficulties. I feel inspired to see many social movements from all over the world struggling against injustice?. Sukauzi, 28 years, is a small farmer from Jharkhand: ?I am not sure what this WSF is all about but it defends the workers. I have not been able to attend any seminar or workshop because I speak neither Hindi nor English, but I am quite happy. I have walked along the lanes of this complex looking at the marches of various groups and talking to them?. Manju, 35, a Dalit woman from Rajasthan, had this to say: ?I have come because I am against globalisation. Foreign companies come to India and our small factories close down and unemployment increases. People from all over the world have come here to voice their problems. This helps me to understand what others are suffering. Though I did not know anybody else from outside my group, I have not felt alone. It is wonderful to see people from all over the world raise their voices to shout that another world is possible. Before coming here I thought that nobody cared for the Dalits. Now I believe that there are some people for whom we are important?. (Cristina Manzanedo). [HL40118]