Paraguay: Elections without dreams

?The increasingly wounding impoverishment of a large rural and urban majority of the country is an undeniable fact,? state the Jesuits in the journal ?Acción? (Action), published by the Centre of Paraguayan Studies Antonio Guasch (CEPAG). The country is worried about the next presidential and parliamentary elections on the 27 April, because the forecast is a politics of continuity, corruption and a de facto impunity. Recent polls concede a vote-advantage to the Colorado Party, which has been in power for more than 50 years. The Liberal Party, second in the polls, has remained directionless and without credibility. Other small parties and a fragmented and poorly representative United Left have little chance of winning these elections. With the assured victory of the Colorado party, the general opinion is that everything will remain the same. Through CEPAG, the Society of Jesus had published a position paper on the ?The Paraguay of the possible,? but the document was not implemented. In collaboration with various youth organisations, the Youth Parliament (HL10104) has prepared a document with a set of minimum demands for the candidates of these elections. The country, however, sinks daily into a seemingly bottomless economic abyss. It has lost hope, and a large abstention from the polls is expected. Low times for a people that deserve more. What remains is a disquieting question: what are we Christians doing? [HL30205]