Italy: A welcoming house to many

?L?AltraStrada? (Another Road), an organisation to help and support people who have entered the world of prostitution, whether by choice, necessity or compulsion, is about to be launched in Trento. Five years ago, the organisation ?Volunteers of the Road? had already started to take care of the homeless. These are two of the eleven projects dedicated to welcoming the marginalised offered through the St. Ignatius Foundation, an institution of the Society of Jesus located in Villa St. Ignatius. At the end of the 30s it had started as a retreat house, but under the influence of the Vatican Council and following a more comprehensive understanding of the different types of poverty, by the end of the 60s the centre had become a reference point for young people with problems that existing structures were not adequately addressing. Every year, about 200 young men and women suffering eviction, with drinking problems, ex-convicts or foreigners looking for asylum find shelter here in a protected environment. Villa St. Ignatius runs social rehabilitation projects to develop self-reliance in young people. The community is a mixed one comprising volunteers, conscientious objectors, and some families. Mutual help and sharing in the day-to-day responsibilities make this centre something more than an ordinary emergency shelter. See [HL30202]