Looking back at Johannesburg

The World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) was many (different) things to many people. For our Jesuit delegation, it was a media event because we put a lot of emphasis on written and radio communication. Indeed Johannesburg was a HEADLINES event. With almost 9000 subscribers in the four languages, we have the impression that for many of our readers the WSSD was a HL event, too. Several hundred readers have written to thank for the Johannesburg coverage. What struck our readers and us? Maybe it can be summed up as the interesting, complex relationship between news and Good News. We learned that a faith perspective is not something added to the news in the ordinary sense, but rather transforms and deepens the experience of the event itself, in this case, the complex event called ?Johannesburg.? Also, as we were learning about the world, its patterns of suffering and how decisions are made, its challenges and how these are met or avoided, we tried to share these discoveries with our readers. So, committed to following Jesus Christ with the service of the poor as our specific focus, we made that commitment the basis of our writing, thus the readers seemed to find the HL to be both truthful and hopeful. [HL20912]