Canada: Facing Cloning

?Ours is the first generation to hold the genetics of life in our hands.? The Social Apostolate Commission of the Upper Canada Province faced this new responsibility in a challenging session on cloning. There is some significant moral differences between ?in vitro? fertilisation (still sexual reproduction) and cloning (asexual replication). There are great economic pressures on laboratories and researchers and, at the same time, most scientists maintain a deep indeed passionate respect for the human spirit. We gained a new understanding of genetics and a deeper respect for the unique (uncopiable) beings God creates us to be. Thus we are drawn slowly and surely into the expanded and deepened notion of the ?justice of the kingdom? that marks the 34th General Congregation: ?A culture of life? includes ?the careful development of the ethical context for medical experimentation and genetic engineering? (Decree 3, n. 8). [HL20909]