Cannes Film Festival after 11 September, by Marc Gervais SJ

Until this year I had never before experienced in Cannes or any other film festival so universally shared a feeling about the world we live in. It seemed that real multilateral progress was made during the last decade to create world peace, with a reduction of nuclear arms, a strengthening United Nations role … until the emergence of George W. Bush in January 2001, and with him increased US opposition to a World Court, to Kyoto and other environmental hopes, to the reduction of energy development. The clock turned back as huge sums of money were added to fuel the arms game. It became clear what Mr Bush and the interests that control him stand for: further economic domination, unilateral military decisions and actions, and increased profits in the name of the ?national interest,? and all of this in the conviction, as piously enunciated by the President, of American moral superiority and justification growing out of faith in God.