Spain: New magazine for us all

Two Jesuit development agencies in Spain are launching a magazine on development and popular education, called SOMOS (we are). The agencies are Alboan and a joint NGO called Entreculturas-Fe y Alegría, Between-Cultures and Faith-and-Happiness. The first issue is to appear in May, and its editorial explains the name SOMOS as an invitation to joint action, both present and future, both here and elsewhere. It sounds warm and welcoming, giving voice to those who lack a voice. Highlighting popular education honours our work in Latin America with grass-roots organisations committed to social change via education, write the co-editors. 

The magazine responds to the need for a broader diffusion of the critical thinking that sees education as an instrument of social transformation and development. It will explore issues that universities, research centres, development NGOs and volunteer groups in both Spain and Latin America are working on. Each issue will present a topic in depth, in a global and multi-disciplinary way, offering an interchange of ideas and work experiences between Spain and Latin America and reaching out also to African and Asian situations. There’ll be three issues a year, and contributions and suggestions are most welcome.