Africa: Launch of a Jesuit journal

AFRICA YETU, ?our Africa? in Swahili, is a recently-launched Jesuit magazine to promote and support any positive initiatives being taken to help Africa face its current challenges. The magazine is a forum where writers will carefully analyse African realities and make serious suggestions for change, unlike other analyses and projects, which are based on a western reading of culture. AFRICA YETU refuses to be infected by the current pessimism about the continent and instead joins the dynamic of change that is taking place, helping African Jesuits become aware of their cultural specificity. The Jesuit perspective in no way limits the journal to a partisan point of view. Globalisation, human rights, the culture of peace, and the role of the Church are all discussed in the first issue, as well as several reviews of books about Africa. The journal, to be published twice a year, welcomes contributions in both English and French. [HL20206]