Europe: Becoming multicultural

Do Europeans share common values? Are values changing in Europe and, if so, towards what? Do Christian values continue to permeate European life and culture? Is a coherent alternative system of meaning replacing Christianity? What are the implications for European unity? The European Values Study (EVS) is a large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal research program surveying on basic human values, initiated in 1978 by the University of Tilburg, Netherlands. Covering 35 countries, the third EVS survey, published in 2001, highlights the diversity in shared values throughout Europe. Different countries defend liberty, equality and religion in very unequal ways. Although individualism is increasing, the desire for family values, environmental protection and greater tolerance is growing too. ?Everyone knows that Europe is becoming progressively multicultural with multiple religions,? says Fr. Jan Kerkhofs, Theology professor in Leuven (Belgium) and an EVS founder. ?This trend assumes greater tolerance, a trend that seems to increase with every survey.? Many countries have already published national analyses, and Tilburg prepares volumes with European analyses on the main topics. See [HL20104]