After 11 September, is there hope for peace? by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini SJ

These days it seems there are so many evils to deplore and defeat: besides terrorism and violence, every injustice should be condemned, and every affront to human dignity done away with. Can the evil trends ever be reversed? ?Yes!? we dare to affirm. Why? Because the growing conflictuality which leads to mutual destruction can only be overcome, first of all, by such a beefing-up of our scale of values. In the second place because humanity is basically reasonable. In the third place because as Christians we know that, even if evil abounds, grace superabounds. In the West, perhaps precisely because of recent events, the perception is maturing that we need a new set of values. The evil in which we are immersed is being revealed, the absurdity of a society wherein money is the god, whose law is success, and whose time is marked by the opening bell of the world?s stock exchanges; a society making a fool of itself in its breathless search for virtual investments, its frenzied ratings-driven media, and its messianic drive to export this way of seeing throughout the world.