United States: Justice mounts to the pulpit

Almost ten years ago, Walter Burghardt SJ became convinced that the Church?s call for social justice had not reached enough people, much less permeated the faith life of many loyal Catholics. While the Church?s social teaching was ever more insistently linking faith and justice, the connection was not making it into typical Sunday homilies. So Fr Burghardt retired at age 75 as an editor and professor and began a new programme called ?Preaching the Just Word.? PJW offers priests and deacons a five-day retreat/workshop in which they may thoroughly explore the demands for justice made in Scripture — the Pentateuch, Psalms and prophets, the teaching of Jesus in the Gospels, the Acts and the Epistles — as well as in the tradition of Catholic social teaching. A key resource is ?What Does Lord Require?,? a 77-page bibliographical essay by John Donahue SJ on the Bible and social justice. PJW has infused in many a preacher the biblical attachment to the poor and the victimised, and the ability to prepare persuasive but non-partisan homilies that move people in the pews to let God touch and change their lives. See www.georgetown.edu [HL10301]