Southern Europe: Renewal and cohesion urgently needed

Called by the Provincial of Spain to a genuine institutional renewal, the social apostolates of Spain, Portugal and Italy met in Alcalá de Henares (8-10 December) for the ?Jornadas Sociales 2000? organised by the National Social Apostolate Co-ordination (CONAS), with 127 participants both Jesuit and lay. The two major talks called for courage, both to consider the world and to take a hard look inside the social apostolate. ?Where is justice at stake in our context during the coming decade?? asked economist Luis de Sebastián, who touched on essential global questions and appealed to participants to work towards an alternative. Fr. Joaquin García Roca explored how politics, culture and faith are involved in social transformation, and how to break through indifference. Impressive maps were used to present the many Jesuit social activities in the Provinces of Spain and Portugal in a systematic and graphic way, and working groups tackled various topics. The importance of spirituality found expression in a daily Eucharist with ample time for personal prayer. By the end of the ?Jornadas? a draft consensus paper was largely accepted after many amendments. The new CONAS co-ordinator?s name and e-mail will be published as soon as the appointment is made. [HL10102]