Portugal: Inserted among the poor

St. Peter Claver parish is in the district of Caparica on the eastern outskirts of Lisbon, where middle-class families in the area find it hard to live side by side with Gypsies, Africans and Portuguese who migrated from the interior or were repatriated after decolonisation in the 1970s. Social problems include poverty and unemployment, domestic violence and unstable families. In 1999 the Jesuit pastor was joined by another priest and a scholastic, who live in a simple apartment in a large block of flats, the first community of ?insertion? in the Portuguese Province. The priority is working with children and young people in difficult situations, offering religious instruction at the local school and adapting the Ignatian Exercises for young adults and workers. Some students from wealthy families studying at the downtown Jesuit College of St. João de Brito volunteer as tutors and conduct after-school activities. [HL10107]