USA: Father General challenges universities

“Educating the whole person,” the traditional high standard of Jesuit education, isn?t high enough, according to Father Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. Studying the injustices and sufferings that crush millions around the world and in the USA must be central to Jesuit humanistic education, as must learning to respond with intelligent solidarity. The new ideal is to “educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world.” The twenty-eight U.S. Jesuit colleges and universities gathered at Santa Clara University in October to mark the 25th anniversary of Decree 4. The mission to serve faith and promote justice is to permeate the curriculum and formation of students, the research and teaching of professors, as well as each university’s internal procedures and its impact on the larger society. The 420 participants, among them many top administrators, overwhelmingly adopted Father General’s address as the basis for planning education for justice on each campus. Available on the internet at [HL00202]