Spain: ?To heal the violence?

Violent ideas and harsh decisions in circles of power are far more dangerous than hostile confrontations and fisticuffs on the edges of society, said Fr José-María Fernández-Martos SJ at the Permanent Seminar of Research into Peace (SIP, Zaragoza) in October. In a public session entitled ?Psychological foundations for co-existence in society? he described situations in which violence incubates in a society that promotes competitive individualism. His fellow professor from the Pontifical University of Comillas (Madrid), Fr Luis López-Yarto SJ, sketched the evolution of psychology in the twentieth century and applied its stages as a pattern for developing proposals for human coexistence: honesty in the face of underlying conflicts, open communication, interior authenticity. He also showed how personal frustrations correlate with social aggressivity, and proposed a ?nous-ecology? to heal the violence contaminating our culture. The very lively debate swung between expressions of frustration and strategies for disactivating violence. Participants felt it was important for everyone to develop affectivity beyond one?s own immediate sphere and to join in the task of nurturing life that women have traditionally carried out. [HL00205]