Latin America: New social initiatives

The Latin American Provincials, meeting at Javier (Spain) in October 2000, approved three social initiatives that will put Jesuits on the side of those victimised by globalisation. 1) Forced illegal migration of thousands of Latin Americans means painful and costly rupture with their countries and cultures. Provinces will co-operate in pairs to respond to this complex and serious situation: Mexico with the USA, Dominican Republic with Haiti, Colombia with Venezuela, and the countries of the Southern Cone among themselves. 2) The Belgian Jesuits will set up a service to receive and redistribute human rights information from feeder groups in Latin America with a view to advocacy. 3) The Society in Latin America will form a new network to co-ordinate grass-roots development projects, with a focus on those in popular sectors (both urban and rural), that help improve people?s quality of life and encourage self-reliance and sustainability. [HL00207]