Israel/Palestine: Conflicts to be transformed

Christians and Muslims fighting in Bosnia; Catholics and Protestants fighting in Ireland; Christians, Muslims and Jews fighting in the Middle East. What can Jesuits do? Fr. Raymond Helmick SJ of Boston College has for many years been involved in efforts to transform and resolve conflicts that have a religious dimension, and in July he offered a course for young Jesuits in Jerusalem. Participants met representatives of the various positions in the Israel-Palestine conflict, including some of the most intransigent ones, and visited the Political Headquarters of the Palestinian Authority and several refugee camps. They also met Israeli parliamentarians, kibbutzim, and hard-line settlers, as well as Jews and Palestinians belonging to peace and reconciliation movements. The course concluded with reflections on the various openings to peace that had emerged, using Fr. Helmick?s approach of the ?transformation of conflicts.? [HL00106]