Canada: Media summit

Educating children and young people to be ?literate? (aware and critical) when watching TV or movies, or using Internet, is an important contribution to social justice. In mid-May, 1,400 people gathered in Toronto from 55 countries for a five-day summit on ?Children, Youth and the Media? organised by Fr. John Pungente SJ of the Jesuit Communication Project (JCP). Many participants were educators and media professionals, and most are convinced that the media, whether treating social justice issues or ignoring them, has great impact. Various sessions dealt with issues like corporate control of the media; the images projected of minorities, their customs and culture; children as targeted by advertising; and many other topics. Social-apostolate workers, had some attended, would have learnt a great deal relevant to their work as well as contributed important concrete elements to the conference. [HL00104]