Brazil: Plebiscite

Is the IMF right? Government says YES, over 6 million say NO. The Social Centre (CIAS) in Brasilia helped to organise a National Plebiscite on External Debt in September in which three questions were asked: Should the government keep the agreement with the IMF? Should there be a public audit for external debt (as stated in the Constitution)? Should the public budget be used to pay the internal debt? Despite fierce Government resistance to this democratic initiative, the Plebiscite — with the dedicated involvement of more than 13,000 volunteers — succeeded beyond the wildest expectations: a resounding NO to IMF intervention, and a firm YES to an alternative economic model which really promotes and respects life. CIAS is a member of the international Jesuit network on debt relief (JDRAD) with members throughout the world. The Plebiscite was part of the Jubilee 2000 Campaign sponsored by the Christian churches. [HL00107]