Africa: World Aids Conference

The World AIDS Conference ( took place in July 2000 in Durban, South Africa, to re-assess the global impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and the present state of research. In the African countries where Jesuits work, there are 20 million persons HIV-positive and, by the year 2010, the number of AIDS orphans is projected at 32 million. AIDS poses a global challenge to the whole Society of Jesus, not only in the developing world. The access to the life-sustaining drugs that the poorest people are denied, is a social justice problem involving the developed countries. Fr. Ted Rogers SJ, African HIV/AIDS co-ordinator, along with nine other participants, addressed an appeal to all Jesuits, to support those working with orphans and people affected by the virus and to improve Jesuit training in this field, co-ordination and information. [HL00105]